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Hello, Gorgeous! #5: "Do's and Don'ts" Out Today

Today book five in the HELLO, GORGEOUS! series debuts—“Do’s and Don’ts.” I hope you’ll pick up a copy, or at least enter to win one of five over on Goodreads.

How does an author spend a pub day? I’m spending mine by writing at the local cafe, getting kicked out of cafe when the fire alarm goes off, walking home, writing some more and later today—getting my hair done, of course. Very Mickey approved! Later tonight it’s 100% likely that I will be toasting the day with a glass (bottle) of Presecco.

Pub days are what you make of them and I’ve always said I will celebrate each one because I know how lucky I am to be a published author. Plus I’m always convinced that each book will be my last so I might as well embrace the day!

Have a gorgeous day!

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Win! Free! Coming Soon!

It’s less than two weeks until the next in the HELLO, GORGEOUS! series arrives! “Do’s and Don’ts” hits shelves on May 24 and you can win a copy over at Goodreads.

In case you’re wondering what this one is all about:

Life at Hello, Gorgeous! is busier than ever with a steady stream of clients in need of emergency hair fixes. Unfortunately it’s happening at the same time Mickey and her friends start giving out DIY beauty advice on their school-project blog. Is it possible that the girls are actually generating business? By giving bad styling advice? This sweet and stylish series continues with hair-guru-in-the-making Mickey, her best girl friends and even her very first boyfriend, Kyle.

I hope you’ll enter to win a copy!

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YA Military-Themed Novels

Is it just because I’m an Army wife and more inclined to notice these things now, or is there a recent influx of young adult books with military themes? Even mainstream, award-winning author Ellen Hopkins has a military-themed book coming out later this year. (Although, this new novel is adult.)

Jump over to Tumblr for three that I’ve noticed so far: two upcoming and one already on shelves.

Cover Reveal: Hello, Gorgeous #5

I can now officially share the cover to HELLO, GORGEOUS #5: Do's and Don'ts:

Here's the back cover description of the book:
Mickey Wilson has it all. A stellar boyfriend, a job at the best salon in town, Hello, Gorgeous!, and the best friends a girl could ask for. But now she is ready to kick her career into high gear. For their latest school project, Career Online, Mickey and her friends set up a blog to provide readers with do-it-yourself hairstyles. Everything is going great until Hello, Gorgeous! starts getting a steady stream of clients pouring into the salon with hair disasters in need of fixing. Are Mickey's do's becoming fashion don'ts?

HELLO, GORGEOUS #5, Do's and Don'ts, comes out on May 24.

Also at Tumblr.

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Hello, Gorgeous! #4 SWEPT UP

Today is the day! SWEPT UP, the fourth book in the Hello, Gorgeous! series arrives today and if you're into that kind of thing I hope you'll buy it at your local friendly bookstore.

This time around, Mickey wonders if she actually has a boyfriend or if she and Kyle are just sort of hanging out. Meanwhile, her beloved Giancarlo gets in some major hot water and just when she needs him most--the spring dance is coming up. Oh, no! What's a girl to do? And who is this Ana chick who seems to know Mickey's mom? So much drama...

I'm super happy about this book because it's the first book in a year that Silas will be around to celebrate with me. Last year I had a crazy three books come out but he was away becoming a soldier for nine whole months and missed all the parties. Normally I'd just go have drinks with him alone but last year, as you can imagine, I really needed my friends around so I planned get-togethers (and then he surprised me with a BIGGER get-together while sitting in some barracks at Fort Benning. Amazing!). Basically my awesome friends didn't complain about the me, me, me because they all understood what I was going through. And as I've always said, I will always do something on pub day because really, how lucky am I to be published? I'm always assuming that this book will be my last so I better make the most of it. But I know this isn't really the last because #5 is waiting patiently in the wings, ready for May...

I leave you with the only two people who have seen the actual book so far, aside from Silas: Tre, who is still humiliated by the cone (just four days to go!) and Blackie, who is a bad kitty and often threatens to jump off the ledge. But aren't they gorgeous?

p.s. There's still time to win a copy.

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Another Chance to Win HELLO, GORGEOUS!

My publisher has teamed up with Lip Smackers to giveaway my books and other great titles along with Lip Smackers. Jump over to the Lip Smacker Lounge to enter.

10 prize winners will receive:
  • 1 Forever Four - 4 girls creating 1 voice . . . will anyone be heard?
  • 1 Forever Four: Leading Ladies - the journey of four best friends continues
  • 1 Hello, Gorgeous: Tangled - Filled with style, glamour, and friends, Hello, Gorgeous! has everything a girl wants!
  • an assortment of 5 Lip Smacker items
Good luck, and don't forget--two weeks until SWEPT UP arrives!

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